Dr. Carson in Israel

Dr. Carson just returned from a week-long visit (his first) to Israel, which he described as a personal fact-finding mission. Towards the end of his visit, he spoke for a short time with Voice of Israel and reflected on his experiences. Please take a moment to listen below.
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Second Amendment - The Right to Bear Arms

IMG_0051.JPGThe reason our Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment was because they knew it was possible for elected leaders and public servants to try to dominate the people, and in such cases, the citizens would need the means to protect themselves.  Furthermore they acknowledged that there are risks inherent in the natural interactions between men, and in our natural environment, such to warrant the protection of our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness by any means necessary.

Let me be clear, we should never allow the Second Amendment to be jeopardized.

Please feel free to listen to a recording of my November 19th, 2014 Telephone Town Hall meeting with thousands of Americans concerned about the preservation of their protections under the U.S. Constitution. I discussed clearly where I stand with regards to the vital protections the Second Amendment affords our citizens, and why.


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